When you are thinking about professional skill for your best job, you probably hire someone with highly professionalism. But if you have any work to hire? Then what will you do? You may spend money in lead generation. Definitely you may get project there. But today I am going to tell you the best places which work as bridges between supply of work as well as skillful candidates. Here are top 4 freelancing websites for you.

Now let’s see a fact first. In the world almost 3.3 billion people use the internet every day. So, for your any query or requirement, you simply use the internet. People trust on the internet for getting their query solved. In this way many platforms introduced as a mediator who helps both job finder and job provider.

Another interesting fact is, many people want to be self-employed, rather to be owned by some other. As a result, they want to showcase their credentials to get job. Most of them are highly skillful, or more specific industry ready. So, now companies or organizations and individuals hire those to do their job done. According to a statistic, many companies hire freelancers over full-time employees. An in this scenario, many companies grow to serve others’ job hiring skillful people.

You may have question, “Will I get skillful people?”

The answer is “Yes. Definitely.”

Now you probably curious to know, how to hire a skillful freelancer for your work?

Almost every freelancing platform have their own parameters to be a part of freelancer or job providers. So, the platform will help to solve your problem soon. If you are really interested to know about top 4 freelancing websites, so, you are at the right place. Keep reading this article. It is genuinely for you.


Top 4 freelancing websites

Guru.com is one of the leading freelancing job market place. It is one of the top freelancing websites also. You may say it as a micro-job marketplace too. The CEO of Guru is Mr. Inder Guglani, who is an entrepreneur too. His motto is to help skillful people around the world. And as a result, Guru becomes one of the most successful platform since last 10 years.

Guru is mostly tries to build a team to scale with thousands of new users a day. This is the USP of this platform. Now let see how will you get helped from Guru?

Before finding the best answer, I usually show you a simple strategy, how Guru works.

Guru doesn’t take any charge to create a profile, but you can get their premium plans to get better benefit.

How Guru Works

Let’s come to the point. Guru provides two types of working opportunity. Either you can hire freelancer for your job or you can work as a freelancer. If you want work, you can create your freelancing profile using your credentials and field to work. Suppose you are a digital marketing expert you will create you will choose category like SEO.

After creating your profile, you will see many jobs are opened according to your category. You have to submit quotes to get jobs. It is not always easy that you submit your quote and you get job. It depends on how to create your profile in Guru.

Types of jobs in Guru

Now you may ask me, what type of jobs you will find in Guru? You will find jobs for programmers, designers, developers, graphic designer, content writers, translators, sales and marketing, admin and secretaries, architects, business, finance, lawyers etc.

Hire Freelancer from Guru

Apart from a finding a freelancer, Guru also provides companies or individuals to post their job to be done by skillful professionals. The easy way to post your job to hire is to fill the require fields like “SEO expert for a travelling website.” Choose your category and keyword, location, budget etc.


Top 4 freelancing websites

UpWork is one of the most leading freelancing market place which gives opportunity to lots of people in two ways. First one is hire freelancer for your job or post a job. Oded Ran is the CEO of UpWork. I personally faith on their mission. They create economic opportunity so people have better life. This freelancing website connects business to work without limit with great talents.

UpWork provides opportunity to more than 5000 companies and 10000+ freelancers to work. So, you can understand how big it is!

How UpWork works

It is very similar to Guru. In straight way it appeals to you to create your account either a freelancer or a job provider like a company. After creating your account simply bid to your job. Then you will have a positive opportunity to work.

If you are a company, you can hire your freelancer for your project. Hire only industry ready skillful professionals for your company. Remember one thing that always work efficiently to maintain of your growth. This is one of the leading freelancing websites.

4 USPs of UpWork when you Hire
Find – find your job related to your interest. (For example, SEO job.)
Hire – Hire an expert and discuss the project. (E.g. Hire Local SEO expert.)
Work – Work with efficient person with accuracy and quality.
Pay – Pay your freelancer with satisfaction.

Types of jobs in UpWork.

Like Guru this platform provides almost same types of jobs. Remember one thing, always choose suitable category where you are an expert. Don’t take those kinds of job which you hardly manage to complete. You can get job as a virtual assistant too in this platform.


Top 4 freelancing websites

Fiverr is number three according to me. It is one of best platforms for newbies. If you know very little but are confident on that particular thing, you can get opportunity here. For example, suppose you are a copy paste expert. You can get opportunity to work here easily. Micha Kaufman is the CEO of Fiverr. According to him, “It’s a land grab right now.” So, you can understand how famous is this freelancing platform among other freelancing websites.

How Fiverr works

Fiverr is mainly for both – seller who can hire freelancer for their project and another one is freelancer who are in search of project or job. According to your need, you can get your choice. Now, what are you thinking? Create your first gig and apply for your job. Quality gigs are better always.

Types of work in Fiverr

It is as same as the above. You can get every types of jobs in the market place. You should choose the category which you really have knowledge and confidence. Suppose you are confident in SEO and Link building; you will have to choose this category. Always focus on the quality which is the keyword of success. Create your profile free in this platform. But you can choose Fiverr Pro to get more benefit because the world trust top quality hand-picked professionals.

Seller in Fiverr

To become a seller in Fiverr is very easy. Follow the simple steps to become a seller in this platform.
Crete your gig – create your gig that offers your work to global audience.
Deliver great work – get notified with your order and discuss with your freelancer to execute.
Get paid – get paid after order completion.


Freelancer.com is number 4 in my list of preference. It is world’s one of the largest crowd sourcing marketplace. The name suggests that it is mainly develop to help the skillful freelancers around the world. The CEO of this platform is Matt Barrie, who is an Australian.

How it works

Basically it has two wings. One hire freelancer for you and another is to provide jobs to be executed by freelancers. Post your project to hire skillful freelancer. The beauty of this platform is you can both afford small and big jobs.
Now, come to the process, how it works. First post your project. For example, SEO is your project. Hire your freelancer (SEO expert) to execute your project. Pay after getting satisfied.

How to be a Freelancer in Freelancer.com

It is very simple. First create your profile and then browse your job according to your skill, schedule and always expertise. Write the suitable bid for that job. After getting approval of your job, get awarded and earn.

Types of Work available

Freelancer is also as same as other popular websites I mentioned before. No upfront charge is for you. Only get higher value projects and freelancer. So, don’t wait a bit, go for your dream career with this platform.

Apart from the above list there are lots of other platforms which provides almost same opportunity for job seeker and job providers. The popular sites are FlexJobs, Blogging Pro, Journalism Jobs, Freelance Writing, Media Bistro, 99 Designs, Behance, Dribbble, Working Not Working, Gigster, SEOClerks etc. Even if you from a particular location, you can search in google like freelance websites in India.

My opinion

If you want to establish career in freelancing, you can start your career now. If you have started a startup, you can post your job, and hire professional and skillful freelancers. Now in the whole article, you may think, “Why are you not mentioning payment information?” The payment is 100% secure and the methods are very easy to access all over the world for almost all freelancing websites. But the platforms charges (nearly 10 – 30%) from you when you get paid. So, what are you thinking? Join with your skills and get paid in next 24 hours.

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