In this article we are discussing about different types of cms platform and their pros and cons. After reading this article you must come to a conclusion that which framework is good for your business.


– WordPress is the leading and best CMS platform. Since 2003 it has been one of the leading platform for website. PHP and MySQL the integral part of WordPress. You additionally can introduce a blend of pre-made and outsider subjects to customize your site. They cook for a wide range of enterprises, from retail to neighborliness. Despite the fact that you can download the product for nothing from and introduce it on your server, there’s additionally the choice to get an area and facilitating with WordPress.

It is best for-

  • Big community.
  • Easy installation and setup.
  • Plugins and other extensions are easy to install.


– With 2.5 million establishments around the world, Joomla! is the second greatest specialist in the CMS showcase. The product is gone for the two apprentices and propelled clients, yet is more testing to use than WordPress. Dissimilar to the market pioneer, exhaustive CMS functionalities are incorporated without introducing augmentations. A reward for non-specialists without an expert IT foundation is the great documentation as network bolstered online handbooks and additionally dynamic client discussions.

It is best for –

  • Big extensions and designs pool.
  • Easy installations and configuration.
  • Easy User-friendly template creation.


– Magneto is best for Ecommerce website. It allows third party integration for various purposes like importing products and much more. What is the USP of Magneto? The flexibility along with getting a real-time information. It helps us to make templates customization and achieve desired functionality.

It is best for –

  • Scalable.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Large user community.
  • Flexibility.


– The CMS Contao (beforehand known as Typo Light) is – as the first name recommends – an unmistakable and easy to understand content administration arrangement. The framework includes a natural, multi-lingual backend and a plainly organized regulatory layer. The product venture gives careful consideration to similarity with web principles, giving boundary free online substance in XHTML Strict or HTML 5.

It is famous for –

  • Great performance.
  • System architecture is extendable.
  • Easy installation along with great management.


-Beside WordPress, TYPO3 is the second most prevalent open source CMS. The product venture is an undertaking administration framework and is always refreshed and kept in fact current by a group of experienced designers. TYPO3 is an incredible answer for expansive corporate entryways and web based business stages.

It is famous for-

  • A large community world-wide.
  • Flexibility, variety of functions.


– The measured CMS Drupal was initially created as an understudy network arrangement, however is currently accessible as a full-fledge open source CMS. The product accompanies an amazingly lean essential establishment, which can be expanded a lot by modules. Today, the venture’s quality lies in its locale. As of now, the essential module has various web 2.0 and network capacities like weblogs, gatherings, and label mists.

Why Drupal is famous –

  • Software core is dense.
  • Availability of the large selection of extension modules.


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