Still think it takes money to make money? Not necessarily. Read the title again, and you’ll find your solution…yes, you can earn money from blogs. If you are new to blogging or if you call yourself a “blogger” and already have a blog that you wish to monetize, this article will be worth your while. Whether you are a student exploring options to earn money online, or looking to earn from home as a part-time solution, blog is the perfect platform to express yourself, garner an audience, exchange opinion and earn money while you’re at it.

You’re probably wondering how exactly blogs can make money…through Ads? Which most of us are tired of seeing and choose to ignore? For which there even exist Ad blockers? Or is there more to it? Well, let’s delve deeper into the mystery of making money by blogging, which is no myth.

If you’re a beginner, with no influential friends in high places and no traffic to keep you motivated, fret not. Every blogger once started out as a beginner and probably had to face the same issues you’re currently dealing with. True, there’s more competition today but once you get the hang of things, you will get your much-needed head start. That’s exactly why you’re here reading this article where we show you the ropes.

Here are some things you should keep in mind if you want to start blogging to make money and not just as a hobby:

  • Expertise does not ensure earning
  • Being passionate about your blog is great, but it won’t necessarily bring you profit.
  • Blogging is not about your interest, but about the interests of your audience. You’re not writing a blog for self-satisfaction, your aim is to cater to your audience.
  • Identifying what your audience is willing to pay for is crucial for you to monetize your blog. If they love your blog, but aren’t willing to spend money on it, then your efforts will be futile.

Free blogging Platform or Website?

You may opt for either of the above 2 options. The word “free” in free blogging platform does sound tempting and it is the go-to option for people with inadequate tech know-how. Making your own website sounds like a hassle and yes, you do need to spend on it. But it does offer more control and customization. So, before you follow your friends into the world of Blogger, consider creating your own website or outsourcing an expert to do it for you.

Choosing your Niche

Google’s suggested search can help you see what’s in demand. Pick something with high demand, but not too high competition and preferably something you can write on. Then, try and personalize it so it’s not the same boring stuff people have grown tired of reading. Choose something timeless, if you want to keep earning from it in the long run. However, if you’re a football enthusiast, there’s no reason to hold yourself back from writing about the implementation of VAR or predicting winners when it’s World Cup season. There’s usually a lot of competition when it comes to trendy topics, but it’s all about content quality and timing.

Directing traffic to you blog

So you have followed through with the above steps and now have an up and running blog with great content, but…where are the audience we keep mentioning? Well, you may be an amazing blogger, but you can’t expect people to know that! Unless you get the word out there by promoting yourself, people will remain in the dark about you and your blog. Once people get to know about your blog, they will visit it if it is of interest to them. What’s more, if it’s good enough they may keep visiting or even recommend it to others. That’s how you get your viewers or “traffic”. So, are there ways to increase this traffic? Yes!

Money can buy you traffic, but let’s explore our options of making money without spending it, shall we?

  • Social Media – Almost everyone these days is there on at least one social media platform. Okay, let’s be honest, some of us have accounts on multiple social media. So, why am I discussing social media here unless it has a connection? If you think social media is just to connect and keep in touch, think again. Why do pages and groups exist on Facebook and how do you effectively use them? That’s right; you can promote yourself through social media! Specially, if your niche frequently pops up on social media…like fashion trends, for example.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – In simple words, this determines where your blog posts will show up when people use relevant search keywords. If your niche focuses on tutorials or reviews (in general, topic people are likely to search about), then SEO should be your battleground to outdo your competitors.
  • News Jacking – Nothing sells like hot cakes and hot news. In our context, cakes don’t really make sense, but news? Sure!

If there is any news relevant to your niche, it’s your golden ticket to the two most coveted things – fame and fortune. We’re aiming for the latter in this case, but if your content is king, you, it’s creator will definitely find fame. For example, if your niche is health take up the news about Johnson’s baby powder allegedly containing asbestos. It’s debatable, controversial and crucial to your niche. With concerned mothers and plenty others, your traffic is bound to increase.

Pop-ups – An Annoying Advantage?

Use it to your advantage at the cost of slight annoyance on your viewer’s part. Yes, they can be a real hindrance when you’re trying to read and they come up to not only block what you’re reading but often ask for contact details like email or phone number. You probably used to cancel them without sparing it a second glance so some of your viewers might do the same. You might even have to take the risk of losing some visitors initially, but if your content is worth it, some of your visitors might be willing to share their email. The longer your list of email subscribers, the larger your revenue.


Affiliate Marketing:

Profitable blog? Check. Considerable traffic? Check.

Before you jump headlong into the tedious task of creating pdfs or courses to sell, you need to know whether you will have potential buyers. If not, you’re practically throwing away time and effort on a futile outcome. That’s where Affiliate Marketing comes in.

Observe what your audience wants to buy from third parties. If you promote products and a considerable amount of people end up buying, you know where the demand lies. You also earn a commission for promoting the products. Amazon Affiliate program is one of many Affiliate offers out there. Implementing it is no headache either. Sign up, become an affiliate, choose products you want to promote and include those product links in relevant blog posts.


One of the best options for passive income is by converting your articles and blog posts into ebooks in various formats. You can start with a free sample to draw in readers. You can sell it on your blog itself or other platforms like Amazon.

Offer Online Courses:

More people tend to prefer watching something rather than reading it. So, why not use it to your advantage while giving people what they want? For a price of course! And what better way to do it than offer courses and tutorials? A growing number of people these days spend money on online courses.


There you go!

PPC – Pay Per Click is as simple as it sounds…place banners on your blogs and every time a viewer clicks on the advertisement it displays, you get paid for it.

CPM – Cost per 1,000 impressions. Depending on the number of people who view the ad, you get paid a fixed amount of money.

Adsense is most popular among bloggers, but if you find the PPC unsatisfactory, there are plenty others to choose from like AdClerks or Infolinks.

Private Ads – Eliminate the middle man and establish direct connection with advertisers. Negotiate your own rates.

Despite the general misconception that hobbies aren’t able to yield monetary worth, the art of writing blogs stands out of the time pass zone to which most hobbies belong. Blogging is just like an entrepreneurship, it takes persistence and perseverance to succeed. You are your own boss- you can work anytime, anywhere according to your convenience. So, how much money can you earn by blogging? There is no concrete answer…the amount you earn could range from nothing to everything you could imagine and it’s all on you. Exhibiting features that entrap readers across various genre blogging is one of the most prominent paths cut out for writers to showcase their wring forte along with raising their bank balance considerably.

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