Google Adwords adds new features in their latest updates!

So if you’re a content writer or a digital marketer, why miss out on important details? Keep your eyes glued for more.

July 24: Names change, but what’s in a name? You’re right, there’s more to it, literally. More as in more features for you to use to your advantage.

  • Google Adwords is now Google Ads.
  • Google Analytics 360 and DoubleClick is merged into Google Marketing Platform
  • Google Ad Manager launched

Features that Google Ads retains from the formerly Google Adwords:

  • Display network
  • Video
  • Search network

So, what’s new?

Before we get started, Google assures that the it’s adwords updates will not affect campaign performance, so don’t sweat it.

Here are the changes implemented:

  • Google Ads promises a more seamless experience, thinning the lines between display, video and search with multi-channel advertising as it’s key focus.
  • The Google Adwords 2018 update also offers more freedom of choice for advertisers and digital marketers, and aims at enhancing consumer experience. Thus, making it more appealing to both parties involved.
  • The new Google Ads features also includes more of machine learning and improvised ad suggestions. So now you can create ads that generate more traffic faster than before.

Let’s delve deeper to explore the depths of Google Ads with scrutiny.

  1. Enhanced UI – A Visual Treat

Availability may be an issue but fret not, the wait is expected to be over in December and if you’re a digital marketer, this just might be your perfect present this Christmas!

  1. Google Surveys 360 – Customer Feedback

Having difficulty identifying what’s working and what’s not? Why overthink when you can just ask your prospective clientele?

  1. A4A – AMP for Ads

Addicted to your mobile? Well, so are many others out there. Addiction is never good, but you can use this to your advantage! Optimize ads for mobiles.Google Ads is your go-to solution for loading ads faster.

  1. Google Optimize – Integrated with AdWords

Create and test your landing pages without worrying about your Webmaster or coding skills. Sounds like a PPC dream come true to most digital marketers.

  1. Google Attribution – Goodbye complications! Attribution modelling made easier.

See the fruits of your labour. Is your digital marketing strategies having an impact? View it for free!

  1. PageSpeed tool – Upgraded version for…Mobiles (no surprises there!)

Ask questions, review usability reports for a site of your choice – all easy as pie now and you can thank Google for it.

  1. Google Assistant – The best possible assistant to your prospective buyers

The wait is over…literally! Faster checkout times is definitely appealing to most buyers and what’s more, buyers get to know which products are still in stock, in real time.

  1. Google AdWords Reach Planner tool – Improve your video campaign

Get an estimate of the reach of your video campaign and it’s conversion rate. Know which video format best suits your budget and objectives. So now you have good reason to request it if you have Google sales report. Hold your horses though, it’s still in beta version with an expected release just around the corner.

  1. Promotion Extension – Good news for Ecommerce Sites!

Want to increase CTR of your ad? Want to overcome character limit in ad copy? Want to display promotional message a second time? Promotion Extension is the answer to all of the above.

  1. Report Editor – Study your ad performance

Observe your ad performance within a range of two dates. Study notable changes without even downloading the data.

All this and much more to add to your arsenal. All armed and ready? Go battle it out to draw in consumers through your ads, with Google Ads as your added advantage!


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