Guest Posting In SEO- what it means

Guest posting, also known as blog posting means contributing articles or posts to some other blog or website.

What it offers:

  • Backlinks which is essential to boost off-page SEO – the reason why you are reading this article and will probably be tempted to invest time on Guest Posting In SEO even though you may have your hands full posting on your own blog.
  • Mutual benefit – sounds good? Both you and your host blogger can now rein in more traffic to your respective blog or website thanks to your generous contribution.
  • Great way to make influential friends – agreed, you can do the same on social media platforms, but read on…

Guest Posting In SEO establishes relationships among bloggers, people interested in the same niche and increases influence which leads to increased subscribers.

  • New to blogging? This is the ticket for budding bloggers to reach out to a much larger audience and gain more authority among the audience.

Ready to get started? Here are some tricks of the trade:

  • Author bio should be concise.
  • Use call to action for comments after each post to hike it’s SEO search popularity.
  • Respond to comments.
  • Promote your guest post on social media platforms to generate higher traffic.
  • Use Google Analytics to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t for your target audience. Keep improving in your future endeavors.

Now that you know what guest posting in seo is all about, it is time to start hunting for websites or blogs which accept guest posting in seo, whether paid or unpaid. Before you start wasting your time sending your pitch to websites no one has heard of, here is a list of good websites where you would want to be featured as a guest author.


  1. Psychology Today| DA 92 | Topics: Psychology, self improvement

No, you don’t have to be a psychologist for your pitch to get accepted as long as you are interested in exploring the mysteries of the human mind in your article. Just keep in mind that personal accounts of psychological illness is not accepted. Make it intriguing.

  1. Health Line| DA 91 | Topics: Fitness, health
  2. Active [DA 89] Topics: Health
  3. Mercola [DA 89] Topics: Health
  4. Psych Central [DA 88] Topics: Psychology
  5. Life Hack| DA 88 | Topics: Self improvement
  6. Crossfit [DA 80] Topics: Training, Health
  7. Mind Body Green [DA 80] Topics: Food, Health, Relationships
  8. Greatist| DA 79 | Topics: Health, relationships
  9. One Green Planet| DA 73 | Topics: Environment, Health, Food

Digital Marketing:

  1. Mashable| DA 92 | Topics: Social media, technology, business, entertainment

A blog with recognition and exposure where you can establish your identity as a writer. Sounds too good to be true? Then it probably is. High competition resulting in low acceptance rates is enough to deter most writers. Your experience and reputation as a writer is a big plus so pick a topic within your area of expertise where your article is more likely to stand a chance of getting published. Since Mashable is all about latest news and trends, time is of the essence. Sounds like too much work? It’s worth the reward.

  1. Hubspot| DA 91 | Topics: Marketing
  2. GetResponse| DA 81 | Topics: Marketing, productivity, platform, automation
  3. Social Media Examiner| DA 80 | Topics: Social media
  4. Social Media Today| DA 80 | Topics: Business, social media, marketing
  6. Content Marketing Institute| DA 76 | Topics: Content marketing
  7. MarketingProfs| DA 74 | Topics: Marketing
  8. Creative Bloq| DA 74 | Topics: Blogging, web design
  9. Benchmark| DA 72 | Topics: Marketing, social media, SEO


  1. Matador Network [DA 75] Topics: Travel

A network to share your travel stories on. Take your readers on a journey of their own through your writings. You have to create your own profile and join their “Creators Community” to submit your work to their editors. Here’s to hoping you go places…

  1. Boarding Area [DA 74] Topics: Travel
  2. Hostel Bookers| DA 69 | Topics: Travel
  3. Go Abroad| DA 65 | Topics: Travel
  4. TheplanetD| DA 63 | Topics: Travel
  5. Moon [DA 61] Topics: Travel
  6. eDreams| DA 58 | Topics: Travel
  7. World Hum [DA 55] Topics: Travel
  8. Global Grasshopper| DA 52 | Topics: Travel
  9. Fox Nomad [DA 52] Topics: Travel


  1. Inc Magazine| DA 91 | Topics: Finance

Willing to contribute for a minimum of six months? Keep reading, else proceed to other options on this list. Mail them a list of a dozen or more headlines (now you know why) on topics you are interested to write on and a sample article of 500 words.

  1. Investopedia [DA 91] Topics: Finance
  2. Faith and Finance [DA 86] Topics: Finance
  3. Bigger Pockets| DA 78 | Topics: Finance
  4. Oil Price| DA 74 | Topics: Finance
  5. Money Crashers| DA 73 | Topics: Finance
  6. Wise Bread [DA 73] Topics: Finance
  7. Money Saving Mom| DA 73 | Topics: Finance
  8. Get Rich Slowly [DA 67] Topics: Finance
  9. Finances Online [DA 65] Topics: Finance


  1. Wired [DA 93] Topics: Technology

They call it the Wired Opinion – just a fancy name for a guest post pitch? Think again. This is a platform to share your views through your articles, so your submission must present a perspective or as the name suggests…your Opinion! Make sure to conform to their 1000 word limit. You have the option of submitting a pitch or your complete work. A perfect platform to have your opinion heard, so stay Wired.

  1. The Verge [DA 92] Topics: Technology
  2. The Next Web [DA 91] Topics: Technology
  3. Fast Company [DA 91] Topics: Technology
  4. Venture Beat| DA 91 | Topics: Technology
  5. GSM Arena [DA 88] Topics: Technology
  6. Site Point| DA 85 | Topics: Web design, technology
  7. Hongkiat| DA 83 | Topics: Web design, technology
  8. New Atlas [DA 76] Topics: Technology
  9. Read Write| DA 75 | Topics: Technology


  1. Elephant Journal [DA 73] Topics: Yoga, Consumerism, Ecofashion

Categorize your contribution as “Timely” or “Urgent” if applicable. If you have been writing articles before, then your previous article must have a minimum of 1,000 readers for your current article to be considered for publishing. Articles are to be submitted via their submission form. Keep your word count around 800 though it is not a strict restriction. Your real name and a photograph is a must for your author bio, so anonymity is not an option. Keep your bio short and make sure it is in third person. Publicity is an enticing perk, but do not expect pay for your work.

  1. Mama Mia [DA 71] Topics: General
  2. Curbly [DA 71] Topics: Home decor
  3. Craft Gossip [DA 70] Topics: Craft
  4. Elizabeth Anne Designs [DA 68] Topics: Fashion
  5. Dumb Little Man [DA 65] Topics: Experiences, Tips
  6. Residence Style [DA 65] Topics: Home design
  7. Pick The Brain [DA 64] Topics: Mental development, Productivity, Art
  8. Craft Bits [DA 64] Topics: Craft, Projects
  9. Eco Salon [DA 64] Topics: Culture, Fashion

If the above lists do not satiate your requirements, here is how you can find good websites or blogs that accept pitch for guest posting relevant to your niche (besides the obvious option of “Googling it” )

  • You have a blog – put it to good use and make your presence felt! Let your viewers know that you are available as a guest author. Some of them just might be looking for fresh content for their blog or site and will welcome the idea of guest posting.
  • Use the power of social media to get in touch with other bloggers and ask if they accept guest posts.
  • Join communities and forums and be an active participant. You are sure to bag some guest post writing opportunities.
  • Interact with fellow bloggers in the comments section

Tips to write a good pitch that gets selected:

  • Be well-informed!Research your target blog
  • Make yourself known to your host blogger – comment on their blog or social media account
  • Go through the guidelines which you are likely to find in most blogs or sites that accept guest posting
  • Get to know the person you will be addressing! Go through their About Page or read up on their Author Bio
  • Do not oversell yourself in your introduction
  • Mention what inspired you to write on their particular blog
  • Mention some of the recent gigs you have worked on
  • Write an overview to see if it is appealing to your host instead of submitting an entire article which they might not be interested in
  • Include links to some of your best works as your writing sample
  • State how your host or his/her blog will benefit from your contribution
  • Conclude with a call to action.

You can also view the shoutmeloud article of Guest Posting for detail understanding.

Guest Posting is all about give and take, so consider accepting guest posts on your blog as well- it is a great way to get fresh content or a different perspective. Create opportunities for others and you will find plenty coming your way. So stop postponing and start guest posting!

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