Whether you are a student, job seeker, or graduate, I know that you are worried about the COVID-19 effect in your career. Don’t worry in this article I will tell you how COVID 19 a new prospect for a career boost up.

Here are the impact of COVID-19 in employment sectors:

  1. The full-time job will be decreasing.
  2. Work from home job will get more importance.
  3. Salaries are not fixed.
  4. Working hours are not fixed.

According to ILO reports 25 million jobs could be lost worldwide as a result of the COVID-19 effect. So the worries are justified from your end. But thinking for an uncertain future is not a practical way. The practical way is to fight for today to live tomorrow.

Now I am telling you some ideas which help you financially to cope with this pandemic situations.

Start your own business:

We know depending on the job is not a very practical approach in nowadays. The company may sack you at any time telling you that they have no client, they have no project or they are suffering from huge losses in the past few months. Or they may decrease your salary by telling the same reason above.

Now if the situation is like that what do you do next. Just sitting in the home and blaming in your own fortune. NO, absolutely not. Move the things in a positive way say to your family that this the right time I can start my business. 

Now the question arises which business you should start in this situation. Don’t worry I will guide you. 

Hand Sanitizer, Mask, Face Shield Business:

If you see in your surrounding you must see that there is a huge demand for hand sanitizer. People are crazy about sanitizer. All sanitizers are not always from a famous brand. Some belong to your local companies. 

Just go for it. Find out how to create hand sanitizer and how to make distribution of this product. Now you think what will be the profit margin? If you make the price of your product Rs. 40 then your profit will be around Rs 10 in each bottle. If you sold 1000/- piece of bottles you will get around Rs 10,000/-. Don’t believe in my words. Just go for market research and you will come to know the truth very soon. Remember those who are already in this market they generally discourage you. Basically no one likes new competitors in their business right.

Similarly, if you can make or resale face shield, mask, gloves it will also beneficial for your business. This is not a huge investment business. But if you have good quality products, good brand value, you will win the market. Side by side if you get any accreditation from any renowned institute for your product then it will be another feather in your crown.

My opinion is that those who are from rural areas are getting more advantages to start this business.

Selling Laptop, Mobile, Antivirus

In this pandemic situations, the demand for the laptop, mobile, desktop computer is increasing in day by day. If you know the basic technology of laptops and mobile you may start this business. If your house is very close to any market area or on the main road you can use one road facing room to start this business. Just take 2 or 3 good models in your store and catalog of another laptop. For this purpose, you can use your Facebook page and Google local listing services. You can also create your website in Blogspot at free of cost for these services. Side by side if you are able to repair a laptop or mobile this will be added advantage. 

Besides selling a laptop or mobile you can also sell antivirus. Internet scam is a regular headline in today’s newspaper. People also aware of this fact. So selling the antivirus not a very hard task today. Just need a proper promotion. 

The good news is that Google offers Rs 2000/- as an ad credit. So avail the offer, set the Google ads by any professional, and boost your brand online also.

Sanitization Services

Many businesses come with these services. You must have proper knowledge about the sanitization. You also need the equipment for this business. Now plan for it. Here are the steps on how to start Sanitization Services:

  1. Define your business goal.
  2. Create a Brand Name.
  3. Promote your brand Online and Offline.
  4. For online promotion use Google ads or Facebook ads.
  5. Get the customer.

No doubt it is a little bit expensive business. But it has the future. Every premise like a hotel, restaurant, office, the medical institution needs these services. If you do the market research and make a full-proof marketing plan then you will get a good amount of customer.

2. Digital Marketing Business:

Today most of people also familiar with the terms ‘Digital Marketing’. If you are a newbie you can learn digital marketing from any online course. Udemy offers many courses at very affordable price. There are thousands of free tutorials available on Youtube and Google.

Those who are a newcomer in Digital Marketing can follow these pioneer in Digital Marketing:

  1. Pat Flynn
  2. Neil Patel 
  3. Harsh Agarwal
  4. Pritam Nagrale
  5. Kulwant Nagi
  6. Deepak Kanakaraju
  7. Sorav Jain

They all have a youtube channel and website. You can get a great deal of information by following them. 

I personally recommend this course:

The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1 

by Daragh Walsh. 

Career option from Digital Marketing:

  1. Digital Marketing Manager
  2. Content Marketing Manager
  3. Content writer
  4. Inbound Marketing Manager
  5. Social Media Executive
  6. SEO Expert
  7. Search Engine Marketer
  8. Graphics Designer
  9. Videographer
  10. Advertising Expert

The above mention career option is for job seekers. Most of the institutes conduct online classes today. After the successful completion of these courses, you will get the job. Institute will assist you in this purpose. 

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Google and Facebook also offer free courses in digital marketing. 

Google offers the following courses:

  1. Fundamentals of digital marketing
  2. Get a business online
  3. Make sure customers find you online
  4. Promote a business with online advertising
  5. Expand business to other countries
  6. Connect with customers over mobile
  7. Promote a business with content
  8. Understand customers needs and online behaviors
  9. Build confidence with self-promotion

This is just a small part of the list. There are also other important courses offered by Google. To get the full list, of course, go to ‘Google Digital Unlocked’ where you can found variations of courses.

Google Course Link: Free Training Course From Google – Google Digital Unlocked

Like Google, Facebook also offering courses. Here are the lists:

  1. Choose ad formats
  2. Increase in-store sales
  3. Learn about Instagram
  4. Learn about Messenger
  5. Manage ads
  6. Measure ad performance
  7. Build awareness
  8. Distribute and monetize content
  9. Drive consideration
  10. Generate leads
  11. Get creative inspiration
  12. Get started with Facebook
  13. Get started with advertising
  14. Increase online sales
  15. Learn advanced buying options
  16. Promote my app
  17. Target the right audience

Facebook Course Link: Discover online marketing courses for Facebook and Instagram

The above details about Digital Marketing are for job seekers. Those who want an individual professional can start blogging, affiliate marketing in the Digital Marketing platform.

During this COVID-19 situation, some niche gets the most priority. If you start with this niche the chances of getting success are very closer. The niches are:

  1. Health Niche
  2. Insurance Niche

For affiliate marketing, you can follow Mr. Kulwant Nagi. His site Bloggingcage.com has many useful resources for the affiliate marketer. 

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Apps Development & Apps SEO:

After band the Chinese apps there will be a huge demand in apps development. The government is also interested in this sector. Government launching ‘Digital India’ project to patronize the digitalization in India. If you learn how to create apps for android or IOS then you can have extensive career options in the recent future. There are many online free and paid courses available on this subject. There is also a huge opening for Apps SEO. So brush up your skill in this sector for future prospects.

Government Jobs:

Those who are seeking Government Jobs don’t worry, keep prepare yourself for the job. I think it will beneficial for you to prepare for the job because you get more time to prepare. It is a positive sign for COVID 19 is a new prospect for a career boost up.

It is glad to inform you that 5 states assembly election will happen in next year 2021. The states are :

  1. West Bengal
  2. Bihar
  3. Assam
  4. Kerala
  5. Tamil Nadu

So it is expected that this state Government will recruit candidates in a different post. For this, you should eye on their official job website. Here are the lists of their website:

  1. West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC)
  2. Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC)
  3. Assam Public Service Commission (APSC)
  4. Kerala public service commission (KPSC)
  5. Tamil Nadu public service commission (TNPSC)

For this purpose, you can read this article: How to find the right Government Jobs after 10+2

Conclusion: I think COVID 19 is a new prospect for a career boost up. No doubt it has a deep impact on the health issue side by side economical damages. But it also helps people to open their eyes for health precautions and alert the people to brush up their skills. It will advisable for the young generation to stand on their own feet, not depends on other favor. 

So don’t be morose, don’t be afraid, stand with confidence, and show the world that you can earn your own means in your own way.


Shovan Ghoshal · July 6, 2020 at 10:19 am

Useful content after the Covid-19 pandemic. Yes there will be more scopes after coronavirus. Definitely the internet led industry. Good article. Great going.

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